What Do Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?


What Do Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

If you're curious what the different dashboard warning lights in your Mercedes-Benz luxury sedan or SUV mean, you're not alone. The experts at our Mercedes-Benz dealership near Bristol, TN, can go over what all the lights mean and help get your car the maintenance it needs. The Mercedes-Benz dashboard symbols indicate to you what may be wrong with your vehicle, ranging from low tire pressure to potential transmission issues. Learn more about Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning lights and how to respond accordingly when one illuminates in your Mercedes-Benz sedan or SUV.

Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Symbols & Meanings

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle has dashboard symbols and warning lights to keep you safe and protected. From the low engine oil pressure warning light to the seat belt reminder symbol, there are several Mercedes-Benz indicators to help you on your journeys across Tennessee.

ABS Warning Light ABS

The ABS warning light may indicate that the ABS or Brake Assist system is malfunctioning. Enjoy certified Mercedes-Benz brake repairs at our TN Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Airbag LightAirbag

If your Mercedes-Benz airbag light goes on, the passenger seat weight sensing may be impaired or there may be a faulty airbag. If the latter is the issue, it may prevent your airbag from deploying during an accident and you should schedule Mercedes-Benz service near Bristol, TN, as soon as possible.

Coolant LightCoolant

If the red coolant light is on, your Mercedes-Benz may have a faulty temperature gauge or the coolant level is too low. If the coolant temperature exceeds 248 degrees Fahrenheit, do not drive your vehicle. The engine could otherwise be damaged.

Low Engine Oil Pressure WarningLow Engine

Illuminates when the engine oil pressure drops and is too low. You'll want to schedule Mercedes-Benz oil change service with us as soon as possible.