2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA dashboard

What Do Mercedes-Benz Indicator Lights Mean?

As you travel through Tennessee and beyond in your Mercedes-Benz, you may encounter a variety of warning lights on your dashboard. While many warning light symbols and triggers are standard across most vehicles, there may be some symbols you aren’t familiar with. We’ve put together a list of some common Mercedes-Benz dashboard lights as a reference point. If you notice something you’re not sure about, refer to your owner’s manual or give our Mercedes-Benz dealer near Bristol, TN, a call. The Mercedes-Benz of Kingsport service center is here for any necessary maintenance or repairs including battery replacement, tire installation and brake service.

ABS Light

When the ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) has been deactivated, the Mercedes-Benz ABS light will turn on. You can still slow and stop normally but you won’t have the extra safety provided by the Electronic Stability Program, Brake Assist, Electronic Brake Ford Distribution and Hill Start functions.

Airbag Light

If your Mercedes-Benz airbag light goes on, there’s a malfunction in the SRS, also known as the Supplemental Restraint System. This issue may prevent your airbag from deploying during an accident, so it’s best to schedule Mercedes-Benz service in Tennessee as soon as possible.

Attention Assist

The Attention Assist indicator alerts the driver if it detects drowsy driving. The system continuously monitors driving behaviors and emits audible and visual cues if the driver seems to be falling asleep.

Brake Light

Don’t forget to release your parking brake when you hit the road! If it’s still engaged while you’re driving, there will be a dashboard light reminding you to release the additional brake pressure.

Coolant Light

The red coolant light turns on when your vehicle’s coolant level is too low or if the temperature gauge is malfunctioning. Do not continue driving if the temperature exceeds 248 degrees, as this can severely damage the engine.

Check Engine Light

There are many potential reasons for your Mercedes-Benz check engine light to appear. If there’s a malfunction with the fuel injection, ignition, fuel, engine management or exhaust systems, the check engine indicator light will appear on your dashboard.

Gas Light

The gas light illuminates when you need to gas up, the fuel system pressure is too low or the filler cap isn’t closed correctly.

Seat Belt Indicator

You’ll see the seat belt warning light if you or your front passenger haven’t fastened your seat belts.

Tire Pressure Light

If one or more of your tires has low pressure or there’s been a significant drop in pressure, you’ll notice a light on your dashboard. To avoid a blowout or excessive wear on your tires, check and refill your tires as soon as possible. Call us for a Mercedes-Benz flat tire repair!

Battery Light

Your Mercedes-Benz will alert you with a dashboard indicator light if the battery isn’t charging. Our Mercedes-Benz service team can diagnose the problem and help you buy a new car battery if yours is worn out.

Brake Wear Light

Visit our Mercedes-Benz service center if the brake wear indicator is illuminated because your vehicle may be due for brake repairs or new Mercedes-Benz parts near Bristol, TN. We can inspect your car’s brake system and replace brake pads and rotors if necessary.

Steering Wheel

You’ll see a steering wheel indicator light and hear a warning sound if power steering assistance isn’t working. Without power steering, it is difficult, and potentially dangerous, to steer your vehicle. Our Kingsport Mercedes-Benz service experts are here to diagnose the problem for you!

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Light

When Diesel Exhaust Fluid is low, you’ll notice an indicator light on your Mercedes-Benz dashboard. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid is an integral part of your emissions system.