The three mbrace® buttons in your Mercedes-Benz can connect you to emergency aid, Roadside Assistance or our Customer Assistance Center. From urgent help to just a question, learn how easy it is to use mbrace®.
Keep up-to-date on the latest online news from around the world. You can even share news stories via email or Facebook.
Google™ Search will help you find destinations and then see them with two additional Google™ features: Street View, which lets you see a 360-degree view of the location and Panoramio, which lets Google™ users upload their own photos of the place.
Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, you can now look up your account details, make a payment, contact a dealership and more from the driver's seat.
YELP allows you to search actual user reviews of restaurants and businesses based upon location and a variety of categories. You can then select a destination and directly send its address to the navigation system.
The mbrace® Flight Information app, one of the ever-growing selection of useful mbrace® Apps, lets you check the status of incoming and outgoing flights from your COMAND® screen as you drive to the airport.
No need to worry when it's time to refuel. From finding your favorite brand of gas or diesel fuel on the road, to checking the latest prices in your area the mbrace® Gas Stations app and your COMAND® navigation system make it easier than ever.
Whether you're planning a trip or need to stop for the night, the mbrace® Hotels app lets you search hotels, read reviews, compare rates, view photos and even book a room for the comfort of your Mercedes-Benz.
Keep up with the financial markets and your investments even when you're on the go. The Morningstar Finance app, one of the ever-expanding array of mbrace® Apps, brings Wall Street to your car's COMAND® screen.
Find out what's playing at a theater near you with the Movies app. From showtimes to star ratings, mbrace® and your COMAND® navigation system would love to take you to the movies.
Live traffic cameras let you check conditions online on the major thoroughfares in many cities. With the mbrace® Traffic Cams app, now you can check cameras along your route or anywhere from the comfort of your Mercedes-Benz.
Check the latest weather report locally or anywhere from your car. The mbrace® Weather app lets you view the forecast near your location, along your route, for today or the next five days. You can even check the ski conditions at many winter resorts.